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Recycled Quarry

Crushed to

EMM Group now have the capabilities to produce and supply quality recycled materials for the construction industry.

Products such as crushed rocks of all sizes and grades, can be produced from the reclaiming of discarded concrete asphalt and ready mix concrete wastage and wash out. All these materials can be re-processed to produce a quality sized material.

These materials can be used on their own entirety or blended back through manufacturing plants for cost saving purposes. Offering flexibility All these materials can be crushed and sized to meet specification for pavement and road construction approved by either Vic Roads RTA or local shires.

Using these recycled materials leaves up to a 65% less carbon footprint compared to conventional hard face quarrying.       



Crushed Rock                  Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, All sizes

Concrete Aggregates       All sizes

Reclaimed Asphalt           All sizes


, Fulton, Hogan, 
Incitec, Pivot

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